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The Quintessential Venture Capital Club for Innovative Minds at Harvard University

Here at the Harvard VC Club, we go deep into the world of venture capital and startups with untapped potential and groundbreaking ideas. We provide an unparalleled platform where future leaders and investors can connect, collaborate, and convert concepts into tangible realities. The Harvard VC Club is more than an organization; it’s a movement. Whether you’re an aspiring venture capitalist or an entrepreneur, the Harvard VC Club is your launchpad and a community that’s not only witnessing the future of venture capital but actively shaping it. Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

Topics we discuss

At Harvard VC, we delve into the dynamic world of venture capital and startup ecosystems, focusing on:

Innovative Startup Trends

Venture Capital Insights

Technological Disruptions

Entrepreneurial Journeys

Market Analysis

Goals of Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is designed to be an essential resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, with goals to:

Deliver Insightful Analysis

Highlight Emerging Opportunities

Educate and Empower

Connect Our Community

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Kurt Schleinbeck


As President of the Harvard VC Club, my role is a thrilling blend of visionary leadership, strategic innovation, and community building. In this position, I have the unique privilege of steering a vibrant community of Harvard’s brightest minds, all united by a shared passion for venture capital and entrepreneurship.